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"I was in the middle of my junior year and I had lost my way. Together, we formulated a plan on how I would get into dental school. The ability to relate to me, not judge me on my academic performance, and provide endless words of encouragement helped me persevere."
                                       - Jordan Jackson, University of Maryland School of Dentistry
"He worked tirelessly to expand the program initiatives, moved seamlessly between stakeholders to meet (and exceed) their needs and expectations, and inspired the student interns to get out of their comfort zone and to be change agents in their communities."
                                - Megan Norton, English Educator - Poland
"I received valued feedback and support when I was at a pivotal crossroads in my educational journey.  With help, I was able to make an informed and wise decision that has afforded me countless opportunities that would otherwise not have been available."
                                    - Robert Conrad, J.D. Candidate, Washington College of Law, 
                                      American University, Class of 2017
"I was an introverted high school student, growing up in a rough neighborhood infested with drugs, violence, and 24/7 police main goals was to be able to live to the age of 18 and graduate from high school...if the program did not remove me from my neighborhood, and introduce me to new experiences, I would not be a graduate of Florida Agricultural & Mechanical University with a passionate career in Commercial Real Estate." 
                                                            - Nico Hinkle, Graduate, Florida A&M University
"I was provided much guidance as I transitioned into the workforce. I was inspired to be my best."
                                              - Candace Dore, Senior, Spelman College, Class of 2017


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